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Generative AI projects

Sample Projects to get started

Basic Completion Use Cases

Level 0. Simple python script that will connect to OpenAI Completion API and get response to whatever prompt is entered

Level 1. Enhance python script to include personality in the prompt so that the response can be according to the personality

Level 2. Enhance script to include training data and personality. Training data to be supplied as part of console input

Level 3. Enhance script to have a longer conversation by passing in the training data and new responses as additional training data

Basic Chat Use Cases

Level 1: Simple python script that sets up the persona of a “Friendly Teacher” and uses chat API to get responses to a user question related to general knowledge. Example: What is the capital of the USA?

Level 2: A simple python script that takes a few sample chat messages as input and responds to a user question as per the context set in previous examples

Level 3. Provide a PDF as an input. Ask GPT to answer questions and limit it only to the PDF